Rules Main Draw

Rules & Regulations Cash4Cancer Lottery September 11th to 29th December 2023 Main Draw

1) Total value of all prizes is $114,500

2) A maximum of 22,900 tickets are available for purchase.

3) Ticket price is $25 CAD each or 5 tickets for $100 CAD or $25 tickets for $300. The 25 tickets for $300 CAD package is limited to 300 orders. The lottery system is set to discontinue selling this package once 300 orders have been processed.

4) Valid ticket is receipt and proof of purchase.

5) Only valid tickets are eligible for the draw.

6) Tax receipts cannot be issued for ticket purchases.

7) Ticket purchasers must be located in the province of Ontario at time of purchase.

8) Purchasers must be at least 18 years of age.

9) Tickets cannot be purchased for or in the name of persons less than 18 years of age

10) The following persons are prohibited from purchasing tickets in the Cash4Cancer Lottery:

  • Belleville General Hospital Foundation staff and Board of Directors;
  • The Quinte Health Senior Leadership team and Board of Directors.
  • Employees of 20Eight Media 
  • Employees of the registered gaming supplier, BUMP a Division of Canadian Bank Note Company Ltd.;
  • And members of the same household of each of the above; and 
  • Employees of the Alcohol Gaming Commission of Ontario.

    11) The First Early Bird Draw is for $5,000 Blowes and Stewart Travel Voucher plus $3,000 cash. Cut off date: 12th October at 11.59pm. Draw date: 13th October at 10:00am.

    12) The Second Early Bird Draw is for a $2,000 Grocery Shopping Spree. Cut off date: November 2nd 2023 at 11:59pm. Draw date: 3rd November at 10:00am.

    13) The Third Early Bird Draw is for a ($2,500) fuel for a year. Cut off date: 23rd November 2023 at 11:59pm. Draw date: 24th November at 10:00am.

    14) The Fourth Early Bird Draw is for $2,000 Cash. Cut off date: 14th December at 11:59pm. Draw date: 15th December at 10:00am.

    15) The Main Draw prize is $100,000. All qualifying tickets for the Grand Prize must be purchased by 28th December 2023 at 11:59pm.

    16) The Grand Prize Draw will take place at The Belleville General Hospital Foundation at 265 Dundas Street East, Belleville. Ontario. K8N 5A9. Date: 29th December 2023. Time: 10:00am.

    17) All valid tickets included in the early-bird prizes draws, including the early-bird winning tickets will be included in the main draw.

    18) Winning ticket number, and name and place of residence of the winner(s) will be recorded and announced immediately after each draw through the event website and official BGHF social media channels.

    19) The winner (s) will be notified by a Belleville General Hospital Foundation representative. Such information will include information about the prize claim procedure.

    20) Winning ticket number and the name of the winner (s) will be broadcast by the Belleville General Hospital Foundation for the Cash4Cancer lottery through our media partners.

    21) Early-bird-draw prizes can be picked up at the Belleville General Hospital Foundation office or shipping can be arranged.

    22) The ‘Main Draw’ prize of $100,000 is awarded on a tax free basis.

    23) The winner of the main prize must be present to collect their cheque and is responsible for the costs incurred and organizing their own travel to the Belleville General Hospital Foundation for the presentation.

    24) Privacy Policy: Personal information is collected for the sole purpose of completing ticket sales, identifying ticket purchasers and communicating with purchasers. For more information, please contact the BGH Foundation office to review our privacy policy.

    25) Visit for a list of the winners.

    26) Direct all enquiries to (613) 969 7400 x2528, or by email at:

    27) In these Rules and Regulations, and in all electronic or printed material related to this lottery:

    a) “AGCO” means the Alcohol and Gaming Commission of Ontario;

    b) “Cash4Cancer Lottery” means the AGCO approved electronic lottery system designed by Canadian Bank Note and operated by the Belleville General Hospital Foundation

    c) “Dashboard” means the Dashboard component of the computer- controlled system designed by Canadian Bank Note for the conduct of this lottery.

    d) “Draw” means the random selection of a winning ticket number by the Belleville General Hospital Foundation through the Cash4Cancer lottery system.

    e) “Player” means a person who is eligible to participate in this lottery in accordance with the Rules and Regulations.

    f) “Prize” means the consideration or item identified by the Belleville General Hospital Foundation that is provided to the winner of the draw in return for the purchase of a valid ticket.

    g) “Ticket Number” means a unique numerical sequence randomly issued by the Cash4Cancer Lottery as set out on a Valid Ticket.

    h) “Valid Ticket” means the possession of a “Cash4Cancer” lottery ticket issued by the Belleville General Hospital Foundation that is not void.

    i) “Winner” means the person who is the bearer of a winning ticket and who satisfies all the conditions established by the Foundation to claim the prize.

    j) “Winning Number” means the number displayed on a valid ticket that matches the winning number of a draw.

    k) “Winning Ticket” means a valid that bears a ticket number matching the winning number of a draw.

    28). These Rules and Regulations are effective as of September 11th 2023.

    29) Please play responsibly. Ontario Problem Gambling Hotline (866) 531 2600 or visit